The Georbon CavTrak interface is designed to provide Cavalier a unique online presence, which will enable us to keep in touch with our most valuable resource - our customers. We offer you, our valued clients, enhanced customer service over the Web allowing you to track current shipments and request our services 24 hours a day.


Our Georbon CavTrak online Tracing feature provides tracking information in real time.CavTrak also offers the flexibility to trace by a wide variety of different numbers, incuding our billnumber, your BOL or pick-up number.Addtionally there are advanced tracing functions where you can trace by delivery date or zone. Accessing scanned documents such as POD's or BOL's in PDF format is easy with CavTrak. Just a few clicks and all the detailed information of your shipment is at your fingertips.

Pickup Request

Coming Soon enhanced Pick-up Request through CavTrak. Currently, please return to the pickup request form available on our website http://www.cavalier.ca/en/resources_transportation_pickup_request.asp