Cavalier makes it easy for you to access all of your transportation management data, so you can take advantage of the important data of your shipment.

This site describes how to interact with our APIs. Our APIs enable you to get data for reports, integrate with Transportation Management Systems (TMS), and build dashboards outside of Cavalier to help you understand your business as a whole.

Cavalier APIs are secured with HTTPS and will provide JSON formatted responses. The sections that follow contain information on how to access the API, how to fetch response in a certain format, how to format timestamps in a certain timezone, and how to set unit of measure for various metrics.


Our APIs can all be accessed through HTTPS requests to URLs like:

Currently Cavalier APIs are versioned. If we intend to make breaking changes to the API which change the response format or request parameters, we will always increment the version.


We use a simple and secure authentication system. You must get an API key from your Cavalier representative, and provide that key on every API request. You should not share your API key with anyone outside your organization.

API keys can be configured for “test mode” or “live mode”. A test API key will never modify data and is useful when developing your integration. Use a test API key to experiment with the API without accidentally making unwanted requests.

To authenticate, the API client must include a Company API key in an HTTP header.

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Access Key

The variable key is a is used tied to your company account with Cavalier. This is a required variable for all API queries. A Cavalier representative can provide you with a unique API Key. Please keep safe and do not share with unauthorized parties

Test Mode: